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As a Latino Queer Therapist, I have learned that understanding the intersections of my identities and how I show up in multiple spaces has been imperative to my personal growth and my understanding of belonging.  Growing up, I always felt othered and often times unwanted.  

Awakening LLC is founded with the idea of creating a safe space for those who, like me, have felt isolated and alone.  I know that at the time we awaken to our understanding of our needs, change has begun.

In Individual Therapy, we will work in breaking down and unpacking the intersections of identity and how society, systems, and family play a role in the oppression of self in order to create a unified self concept.  

In Couples Therapy, I have Completed Level 1 Gottman Method Training, and also implement Emotion-Focused Therapy in order to support you relationally in bridging the intimacy gap.  I want to support you both in understanding how your story of self shows up in your relationship, and also how to heal the wounds of the past in order to experience a meaningful connection.

Come journey with me, let's unpack your prescribed narrative and create the story you've always known to exist!

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